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1 x Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder. 1 x Bamboo Charcoal Tooth Brush. 1 x Travel Tooth Brush Holder. 5 x Collagen Gold Eye Masks. 5 x Collagen Gold Lip Masks. 2 x Collagen Gold Face Masks. FREE With Every 4 Week Sunbed Hire.
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Collagen Sunbed Hire

Listed below are our current prices, if you would like to hire a Sunbed, just click on a price in the table below

Coco Sunbeds - Collagen Sunbed Hire Prices
DurationCanopy 9 Tube Collagen SunbedCanopy 10 Tube Collagen SunshowerDouble 18 Tube Collagen SunbedDouble 19 Tube Collagen SunhowerVertical 24 Tube Collagen SunbedVertical 24 Tube Collagen Sunshower
4 Weeks£100.00£110.00£130.00£140.00£140.00£160.00
4 Weeks Extension£85.00£95.00£110.00£120.00£120.00£140.00
5 Weeks£115.00£130.00£150.00£160.00£160.00£180.00
6 Weeks£130.00£145.00£170.00£180.00£180.00£200.00
7 Weeks£145.00£160.00£190.00£200.00£200.00£220.00
8 Weeks£160.00£175.00£210.00£220.00£220.00£240.00
8 Weeks PlusCallCallCallCallCallCall

Max Tan Time Per Session: 6-12 mins Depending Upon Skin Type

Skin Types & Exposure Times

Collagen Red Light Therapy is fast becoming the safest, fastest, most painless and most affordable way to achieve a vibrant, younger-looking skin.

For anti-aging benefits and deep skin rejuvenation, red light exposure therapy is suitable for everyone. It is particularly beneficial for people over the age of 25. At this age, the body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen, hence our appearance starts to age. Results vary depending on your age and skin type.

As a guideline the best results are achieved as follows:

  • Ages 25-35 (4-6 weeks)

  • Ages 35-45 (6-8 weeks)

  • Ages 45-55 (8 -10 weeks)

  • Over 55 ( 10 - 12 weeks)

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