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Sunbed Hire

Listed below are our current prices, if you would like to hire a Sunbed, just click on a price in the table below

Coco Sunbeds - Sunbed Hire Prices
DurationCanopy 9 Tube SunbedCanopy 10 Tube SunshowerDouble 18 Tube SunbedDouble 19 Tube SunshowerVertical 24 Tube SunbedVertical 24 Tube Sunshower
2 Weeks£70.00£80.00£90.00£100.00£100.00£120.00
3 Weeks£85.00£95.00£110.00£120.00£120.00£140.00
4 Weeks£100.00£110.00£130.00£140.00£140.00£160.00
4 Weeks Extension£85.00£95.00£110.00£120.00£120.00£140.00
5 Weeks£115.00£130.00£150.00£160.00£160.00£180.00
6 Weeks£130.00£145.00£170.00£180.00£200.00£200.00
7 Weeks£145.00£160.00£190.00£200.00£220.00£220.00
8 Weeks£160.00£175.00£210.00£220.00£240.00£240.00
8 Weeks PlusCallCallCallCallCallCall

Max Tan Time Per Session: 6-12 mins Depending Upon Skin Type

Skin Types & Exposure Times

All home sunbed hire prices include FREE Delivery to our normal delivery areas. On site installation, sunbed goggles and full user\safety instructions.

Canopy 9 Tube Sunbed - 9 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tubes. Facail booster lamps. Twin cooling fans.
Canopy 10 Tube Sunshower - 10 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tubes. Twin cooling fans.
Double 18 Tube Sunbed - 18 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tubes (9 canopy + 9 base). Facial booster lamps. Twin cooling fans.
Double 19 Tube Sunbed - 19 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tubes (10 canopy + 9 base). Twin cooling fans.
Vertical 24 Tube Sunbed - 24 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tunes. Full length body breeze cooling fans.
Vertical 24 Curved Sunshower - 24 x 0.3 Compliant fast tan sunbed tunes. Full length body breeze cooling fans.

Maximum tanning times or exposure times vary according to skin type. Full details will be provided with each sunbed hire.

Please Note: You must be 18 or over to hire one of our sunbeds.

0.3 The Best Way To Tan!

There is a regulation governing the maximum UV output of sunbeds. This is generally refered to as 0.3 and is approved by the EU and complies with all British and European consumer safety regulations.

A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning.

The new regulations apply to both commercial and domestic sunbeds, which means there is now no advantage in using a salon sunbed over a home sunbed. The new latest technology 0.3 compliant sunbeds work more effectively and produce a wonderful, deeper and longer lasting tan. The tanning process is kinder to your skin and the risk of over-exposure or burning is effectively eliminated. You can rest assured that the sunbed you hire from Coco Sunbeds is the most technologicaly advanced sunbed currently available for hire and complies with the all the latest regulations.

Coco Sunbed Hire Delivery Areas

Barnsley, Bradford, Bury, Castleford, Chesterfield, Derby, Derbyshire, Dewsbury, Doncaster, East Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Grimsby, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Hull, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Mansfield, North Yorkshire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Oldham, Pontefract, Rochdale, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Selby, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Stockport, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Wetherby, Worksop and York.

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