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Sunbed Hire Grimsby From Coco Sunbeds

How many times a week can I use a home sunbed?

A tanning session is the amount of time it takes to reach your MED (minimal erythemal dose). This is the actual point before over-exposure which must always be avoided. A sunbed hire tanning session will always depend on your skin type and the specific exposure times associated to your particular skin type. It is important to note that the tanning process is a gradual process, as you build colour on your skin through regular, moderate exposure sessions.

Generally speaking most people will start to notice a colour change after a few sunbed hire tanning sessions. However it will normally take three to four weeks of regular tanning to acquire a good tan. If you are planning to obtain a base tan before going on a summer or winter holiday, it is better to start your tanning regime at least two to three weeks before you are due to go away.

We would strongly advise sticking to our recommended sunbed hire Grimsby exposure times which are the exact daily tanning times for your particular skin type. Build up the tanning sessions slowly to ensure you do not over expose. Make sure you rest the skin for a minimum of 24 hours between each sunbed tanning session.

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How long will your tan last? This again depends upon your skin type. If you are fair skinned your tan may not stick around for much more than 1 month. If you have some colour to your skin and a slightly darker complexion your tan could end up lasting for about 2-3 months. If you remember to keep your skin well moisturised your tan will last for longer!. Please look at our Grimsby sunbed hire FAQ`s for more details,

For convenience most people decide to hire a sunbed in their own home in Grimsby rather than use a salon. With the introduction of the new 0.3 regulations on sunbed power output there are no benefits to using a salon sunbed over a home hire sunbed. The latest 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning.

If you are not sure which sunbed model would best suit your needs you can either Call Us FREE on Grimsby 0800 170 1275 for advice or refer to our Grimsby sunbed hire fleet page. Our telephone lines are manned 7 Days A Week from 9am to 9pm.

Fast sunbed home hire delivery to all areas of Grimsby today!

Coco Sunbeds offer FAST Delivery and Collection To Grimsby and On Site Installation. We delivery our state of the art sunbed hire sunbeds directly to your home in Grimsby at a time to suit you complete with sunbed goggles and full user instructions. For more information on home sunbed rental please see sunbed hire Grimsby information.

We cover all areas including: Bradley, Cabourne, Caistor, Fotherby, Fulstow, Great Coates, Keelby, Ludborough, Marshchapel, North Ormsby, North Somercotes, North Thoresby, Tetney, Utterby and Wyham cum Cadeby.

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