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Sunbed Hire Wetherby From Coco Sunbeds

Why does having a tan from a home sunbed makes you look and feel great?

In today`s day and age having a tan is associated with people that have an active, physical outdoor life. In addition having an attractive tan makes you look fit, healthy, alive and more vibrant. People also state that having brown skin makes your muscles look a lot more defined (the main reason why most body builders have a tan!) and also makes you look younger!. It is not always the case but it is quite common for people to perceive pale skin with being unhealthy or ill.

It is hard to deny that when people look and feel good they feel better about themselves and have much higher self-esteem. One of the many reasons that people actually feel physically better when they have a golden tan is the that exposure to ultraviolet light from a sunbed actually stimulates the production of vitamin D.

Yes most people can obtain vitamin D from a very healthy diet but unfortunately many people do not follow a healthy diet to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D they need. Spending time either in direct sunlight or on a home hire sunbed, has been shown to help your body produce vitamin D. Medical studies have shown that Vitamin D helps with cell growth, boosts your immune system, increases energy metabolism and is associated with higher bone density. Additional studies have shown that higher vitamin D reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Look and feel great with a home sunbed!

It’ is not surprising that you will feel better about yourself having a sunbed tan and you will be pleased with your appearance! For reasons of convenience, privacy and cost most people choose a sunbed at home rather than use a local sunbed salon. The latest A 0.3 tanning session from a Coco sunbed delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning. Please see our sunbed tanning times, sticking to the particular exposure times will ensure you have a deeper and longer lasting tan.

If you are unsure as to which sunbed model would best suit your requirements you can call us free on 0800 170 1275 for advice. Our telephone phone lines are staffed monday to friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Alternatively you can visit our sunbed showroom. Our sunbed showroom displays all the sunbeds we use and you can choose the best sunbed model that suits your needs.

Coco deliver to all areas!

We offer fast delivery and on site installation on all home sunbed orders. Our uniformed drivers deliver our state of the art sunbeds directly to your house or one of the many surrounding towns and villages. In addition we will deliver your home sunbed at a time to suit you complete with sunbed goggles and full user instructions.

Coco Sunbed cover all areas including: Aberford, Bardsey. Barkston Ash, Barwick In Elmet, Bickerton, Biggin, Bilbrough, Bilton In Ainsty, Bolton Percy, Boston Spa, Bramham, Burton Salmon, Byram, Cattal, Cawood, Church Fenton, Clifford, Cocksford, Collingham, Cowthorpe, East Keswick, Fairburn, Garforth, Gateforth, Great Preston, Green Hammerston, Harewood, Hillam, Hunsingore, Kirk Deighton, Kirk Hammerton, Linton, Little Fenton, Little Ribston, Long Marston, Micklefield, Monk Fryston, Moor Monkton, Newton Kyme, Rufforth, Ryther, Saxton, Scarcroft, Shadwell, Sherburn In Elmet, Sicklinghall, Spofforth, Stutton, Tadcaster, Thorner, Thorp Arch, Thorpe Willoughby, Tockwith, Toulston, Towton, Ulleskelf, Walton, Whixley and Wighill.

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