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Collagen Sunbed Hire

Listed below are our current prices, if you would like to hire a Sunbed, just click on a price in the table below

Coco Sunbeds - Collagen Sunbed Hire Prices
DurationCanopy 9 Tube Collagen Sunbed 100wDouble 19 Tube Collagen Sunshower 160wVertical 24 Tube Collagen Sunshower 160w
4 Weeks (Per Week)£27.50£45.00£45.00
5 Weeks (Per Week)£25.00£40.00£40.00
6 Weeks (Per Week)£22.50£37.50£37.50
8 Weeks (Per Week)£20.00£35.00£35.00
12 Weeks (Per Week)£17.50£32.50£32.50

Max Tan Time Per Session: 6-12 mins Depending Upon Skin Type

Skin Types & Exposure Times

Book Your Collagen Sunbed Hire Online Or Freephone 0800 170 1275

You can book your collagen sunbed hire online 24 hours a day 7 days a week by clicking on a price in the table above. Simply fill in your details, choose a delivery date and press submit. Once your booking has been received we will contact you to confirm your booking and delivery date.

Please Note: No payment is required at the time of booking as we take payment on delivery by debit\credit card or cash.

Our uniformed staff deliver our state of the art collagen sunbeds directly to you at a time and day to suit and install the collagen sunbed in a room of your choosing. Sunbed goggles and full user instructions are provided with each collagen sunbed hire model.

Alternatively, you can call our Freephone 0800 170 1275 telephone number to book a sunbed hire or for advice on any aspects of our service. Our telephone lines are staffed from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm - Monday to Friday.

You can also use our Contact Us page to make an enquiry or ask specific questions.

Collagen Red Light Therapy

Collagen Red Light Therapy is fast becoming the safest, fastest, most painless and most affordable way to achieve vibrant, younger-looking skin. For anti-aging benefits and deep skin rejuvenation, red light exposure therapy is suitable for everyone.

It is particularly beneficial for people over the age of 25. At this age, the body gradually loses the ability to make youthful collagen, hence our appearance starts to age. Results vary depending on your age and skin type. Originally developed by NASA Red Light Therapy is photo biostimulation by exposure to lights in the red and infrared wavelength.

At a wavelength of 633nm (nanometers), red light penetrates the skin 8-10mm. This penetration triggers the body to make collagen and elastin, and to generate new capillaries. The result of more collagen and elastin is firmer, tighter-looking skin.

Collagen Sunbed Hire Delivery Areas

We deliver to all cities, towns and villages in the following areas:
South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Greater Manchester and North East Lincolnshire.

Collagen Sunbed Hire Delivery Charges (prices include delivery & collection)

South Yorkshire: Call
West Yorkshire: Call
North Yorkshire: Call
East Yorkshire: Call
Derbyshire: Call
Nottinghamshire: Call
Greater Manchester: Call
North East Lincolnshire: Call

PLEASE NOTE: You Must Be 18 Or Over Hire One Of Our Collagen Sunbeds.

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