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Coco Sunbeds: Sunbed Hire FAQs

Frequently Asked Sunbed Hire Questions

  • How do i order a home sunbed hire?
  • Which areas do you deliver your home hire sunbeds to?
  • What is your delivery charge?
  • Can i book a sunbed hire at short notice?
  • What do you require from me in order to hire a sunbed?
  • How do i pay for my home sunbed hire?
  • Do you supply sunbed goggles and tanning creams?
  • Can the sunbed be set up upstairs or downstairs?
  • How much space do I need in order to use a home hire sunbed?
  • How long should I spend on the sunbed?
  • What should i wear when using the sunbed?
  • What if i want to extend the sunbed hire period?
  • What happens if the sunbed should develop a fault?

How do i order a home sunbed hire?

You can book your sunbed hire online 24 hours a day 7 days a week by visiting our Sunbed Hire page.

No payment is required at the time of booking as we take payment on delivery by debit\credit card or cash. Simply fill in your details, choose a delivery date and press submit. Once your booking have been received we will contact you to confirm your booking and delivery date.

Alternatively you can call our FREEPHONE 0800 120 1275 telephone number to book a sunbed hire or for advice on any aspects of our service. Our telephone lines are staffed from 9am to 9pm - 7 days a week.

You can also use our Contact Us page to make an enquiry or ask any specific questions.

Which areas do you deliver your home hire sunbeds to?

We deliver to all cities, towns and villages in the following areas:

South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Greater Manchester and North East Lincolnshire.

What is your delivery charge?

We offer free delivery on all our home hire sunbeds to any areas in South Yorkshire. All other areas may incur a small delivery charge, please call Freephone 0800 170 1275 for further details. Our Freephone number is free to call from either a landline or mobile telephone.

We can deliver our sunbeds 6 days a week (monday to saturday) and can arrange a delivery during the day or evening.

Once a sunbed hire has been booked we will give you a specific day and time slot for the delivery. Our delivery drivers will also ring or text you approximately 30 minutes prior to delivery.

Can i book a sunbed hire at short notice?

We can normally delivery our sunbeds within 24-48 of a booking. We tend to have more stock availability during the months of October to February. However during the peak sunbed season from March to September it is advised you book in advance in order to obtain the particular sunbed model you want.

You can make an advance booking to ensure a specific delivery date by paying a £25.00 reservation deposit. Please call our FREEPHONE 0800 170 1275 telephone number to check current availability or to make an advance booking.

What do you require from me in order to hire a sunbed?

To hire a sunbed from Coco Sunbeds you must be:

Over the age of 18. Our delivery staff will ask you to provide photo identification to prove that you are over 18 years of age. (proof of photo identification can either be in the form of a driving licence or passport).

We also require you to be living at the specific delivery address and will also for proof in the form of something with your name and address - such as a utility bill.

We will also require your mobile telephone number in order to contact you prior to delivery and collection.

How do i pay for my home sunbed hire?

You can pay either by cash, bank transfer or debit\credit card. We require bank transfer payments prior to delivery.

Cash or debit\credit card payments can be accepted on the delivery day (via our mobile merchant terminal). We accept most types of debit or credit cards.

Do you supply sunbed goggles and tanning creams?

Eye protection is supplied FREE of charge and will be delivered with your chosen sunbed hire model.

Please be aware that our sunbed goggles are provided free of charge for a very important purpose. The sunbed goggles are necessary whilst using a home hire sunbed as they protect the eyes from any potential eye damage.

Wearing eye protection is not only recommended for total eye safety whilst tanning on a sunbed indoors but it is also a requirement under UK law.

Coco Sunbeds offer an extensive range of sunbed creams and tanning lotions to use when hiring a sunbed. Sunbed creams enable you to get a faster and long lasting tan. Tanning creams including: accelerator , bronzing, tingle and moisturisers can be purchased when ordering your sunbed hire or can be purchased from the delivery team.

Can the sunbed be set up upstairs or downstairs?

All of our sunbed ire units can be installed either in an upstairs or downstairs room. As long as there is a power supply located nearby we can install our sunbeds in virtually any indoor room, including conservatories and garages.

Our sunbeds come in a specific number of sections and are assembled on site by our delivery staff.

The 9 tube canopy, 18 and 19 tube double sunbeds and 24 tube vertical sunbeds require 1 x 13 amp socket.

The vertical 24 tube sunshower sunbed requires 2 x 13 amp sockets.

Please note for safety reasons it is not possible to use an extension cable on any of our sunbed hire models. Each sunbed mains power lead needs to have its own individual 13 amp power socket.

How much space do I need in order to use a home hire sunbed?

The canopy range of sunbeds require approximately 1m2 of floor space. The main advantage of the canopy sunbeds is that they can be folded upright and stored when not in use. The canopy sunbeds are supplied with a hydraulic stand with 4 castor wheels which makes moving and adjusting the sunbed over a bed or lounger very easy.

The vertical stand up range of sunbeds also require approximately 1m2 of floor space.

The double or lie down sunbeds require approximately the same space as a small single bed (2m x 1m).

Please Note: The vertical stand up and double lie down sunbeds cannot be moved once installed so it is best to make sure you ask the delivery staff to install it in a location that will be free for the entire hire period. Our delivery staff will advise and install in the best position to suit your requirements.

How long should I spend on the sunbed?

Full tanning instructions and maximum tanning times advice will be provided with your sunbed when delivered.

Each sunbed is fitted with the very latest 0.3 technology sunbed tubes which fully conform to the latest UK Sunbed Legislation.

Typical tanning times vary from 3-10 minutes, depending upon your skin type. You can learn by visiting: Skin Types & Sunbed Exposure Times.

What should i wear when using the sunbed?

As most women choose to wear a bikini on holiday (and men shorts!) it would seem natural to use the same clothing when using a home hire sunbed. If you do not mind having tan lines (as you would when you come back from holiday) then this seems to be the most common option.

Alternatively women can simply tan on the sunbed in their bra and knickers and men in their underpants or boxer shorts. Women often choose to pull down or loosen the bra straps so as not to leave strap lines. This is a good option if you are planning a special occasion or evening out and you would be wearing a strapless or backless dress!.

Alternatively you can choose to tan on the sunbed completely in the nude. The convenience of using a sunbed hire tanning unit is that you are using the sunbed in the privacy of your own home. The only thing you need to remember if you are going to use the sunbed in the nude, is to make sure you protect your most sensitive parts, as the skin is much more sensitive in these areas.

What if i want to extend the sunbed hire period?

If you would like to extend the hire of your sunbed, then we would greatly appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible.

During peak season we have very limited availability and an indication that you wish to extend the sunbed hire period would help us to avoid disappointing any future hire customers.

What happens if the sunbed on hire should develop a fault?

All our sunbeds are fully checked and tested prior to delivery so it would be very rare for one of our sunbeds to develop a fault.

You can rest assured that if anything should go wrong our delivery team will aim to rectify any faulty within 24 hours or supply you with alternative sunbed.