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Sunbed Hire Wakefield From Coco Sunbeds

Can I get a tan after one single home sunbed session?

Unfortunately no matter what skin type you are it is not possible to obtain a golden tan after one single sunbed hire session. Your skin needs to have a few sessions to allow the skin to darken and go brown. Typically 5 sunbed sessions are required to start to develop a tan. Tanning of the skin starts in the skin's outer layer called the epidermis, the epidermis contains cells called melanocytes which when exposed to ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB) produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment found inside the layers of the skin. The melanin moves closer to the outer layers of the skin when stimulated to turn your skin brown.

Depending upon your skin type a typical sunbed hire Wakefield tanning session will be approximately 6-12 minutes. Recent studies have shown that a single sunbed session is equivalent to between 2-3 hours of outdoor sunbathing. The tanning process cannot be rushed it must be obtained gradually! Tanning in your own home on a home sunbed is a much smarter way of obtaining a tan and a good way to obtain some much-needed vitamin D.

We would also advise using an accelerating cream. Tanning creams were not invented for saloons or sunbed hire companies to simply make money – they actually do work and stimulate the melamine in your skin.

A sunbed will control your exposure to UV light!

Using a home sunbed in Wakefield means you can control your exposure to both UVA and UVB light so that you cannot overexpose and you don’t burn. Sunbathing outdoors is uncontrolled and will not provide you with the same protection. Our advice is NEVER sunburn! Sunburn does not mean you are getting a better tan it simply damages your skin. A person who sunbathes outside for 2-3 hours without sunscreen is most likely to burn, whereas using the latest technology 0.3 sunbeds eliminate the risk of burning due to control of time and UVA\UVB output. A 0.3 tanning session delivers the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning.

If you are not sure which sunbed hire model would suit your needs you can call us free on Wakefield 0800 170 1275. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Or you could visit our showroom. Our sunbed showroom displays all the sunbeds we stock and you can choose one of our many different models that best suits your needs.

FAST Wakefield delivery and setup on all home sunbeds!

We offer fast delivery and on-site installation on all home sunbed orders. You can see our additional information by visiting our sunbed FAQ`s page.

Our uniformed drivers deliver one of our state of the art sunbeds directly to your house.

In addition we will deliver your home sunbed at a time to suit you complete with sunbed goggles and full user instructions.

Coco Sunbeds cover all areas including: Altofts, Alverthorpe, Batley, Carr Gate, Cawthorne, Crigglestone, Emley, Flanshaw, Kirkhamgate, Kirkhamgate, Morley, Netherton, Normanton, Nostell and Notton.

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